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All items showcased, have been ethically sourced from national and international private collections and trade. The provenance of every piece has been carefully checked to make sure none of the items were exported from their country of origin in recent years.

Columbian Press

Invented in 1813

The Columbian Press is one of the first iron printing presses ever invented.

Manichitra Thazhu


The magnificent Manichithra Thazhu door (The Ornate Lock) is an age old traditional lock of Kerala which adorns the doors.



This ancient Adivasi Drum has been sourced directly from the tribes of Kerala.


150 Years Old

An ancient wooden crown used upon the sakrari with 24ct gold plating. From Kottayam district in Kerala.

Torah Scroll

The Holy Book of Jews, usually written on goat skin.

Soda Maker

60 Years Old

One of the earliest versions of the Soda Maker machine. Intricate design and finishing.

Kerosene Fan

120 Years Old

This ancient Fan works using the steam generated from a Kerosene Lamp lit inside its cavity.

Astoria Field Camera

100 Years Old

Very Rare WW2 Astoria large format field film camera for sale. “The Astoria Ltd”, Osaka, Japan.

Angel Gabriale

200 Years Old

An old figure used in a Church, in Thrissur district, Kerala.

Wooden Water Wheel

3500 Years Old

This ancient Water Wheel is more than 3500 years old and is a part of our prestigious exhibition.

Funerary urns

7000 BC

Ancient Civilizations cremated the dead and collected the ashes in these Funerary urns (also called cinerary urns and burial urns).